Promotion of interests

Enklaavi’s key goal is to act as an interest group of LUT’s business student. We pursue our members interest at our university’s level but as well in a nationwide level. Overall our mission is to make our members voice heard in our key interest groups. This way we can ensure the quality of our education which in turn ensures the quality of our graduated students and level of knowledge equivalent to the needs of the working life. We see that putting effort to improve the quality of education leads to an increase in the students motivation. As in well increasing the value of our degree in the long term.

We encourage our members to actively leave course feedback because every single feedback is read by Enklaavi’s Academic Affairs representative, the Head of Degree Programme and as well the courses teachers. In addition many business students act as a HallOpEd (administration student representative) in many LUT’s and other interst goups administration. We want to encourage our members to pursue HallOpEd positions so that our voices can be heard as loud as possible.

If you have any questions about our promotion of interests or academic affairs you can always contact Academic Affairs representative Maria Tawaststjerna, opinto(at)