Media Committee

Media Committee was established in 2016. The committee is lead by the Editor-In-Chief and it was established to support and assist the planning and implementation of Enklaavi’s magazine ”Kyylef”. The committee also writes articles and stories as well as photographs and makes images processing to the Kyylef magazine. The committee joins also to the desing of Enklaaviäs marketing and implementation.

Our mission is to produce a visually appealing and high-quality content material to the magazine, as well as to take care of the Enklaavi’s  graphical image. Our vision is to create an interesting and inspiring material that attracts people to explore the Kyylef and Enklaavi.


Media Committee 2018

Anniina Pasi

Aino Laineenoja

Elmeri Helme

Joel Kaskela

Liisa Klami

Nora Aapro

Maria Häärä

Mikaela Sarkola

Veera Marttinen