=unforgettable nights and people, integration, communality and singing.

NESU is abbreviation from the words “Nordiska Ekonomie Studerandes Union” or “Nordic Economics Students Union”. NESU was founded in the 1950’s for business students around Nordic countries to enhance communication and cooperation. The NESU board/subcommittee of every city organizes mostly academic table parties, sits. During sits people drink, raise toasts, sing, create long lasting friendships and switch overall badges. Besides sits NESU organizes other unforgettable events where every business student can take part in regardless of where they are from.

NESU is still a lot more than just sits. The main events of NESU are biannual conference weeks, the NESU Spring and Autumn Conferences. These week gather up student from all around the Nordic countries together to build their networks. The Conference is always built around a specific theme. For example, the Spring Conference in 2017 in Vaasa has the theme of “Risk Management in Global Markets”. The Conference is basically the dream of every NESUit, since the week is spent with wonderful people doing different workshops, listening to guest lectures and visiting interesting companies. There is also plenty of nice evening program and the week ends with the Grand Gala. More information about NESU Conferences can be found from and you can always ask older NESUits to tell you their stories. You can also send email to nesu(at)!

NESU Finland organizes in cooperation with local NESU boards/subcommittees different event, which are NESU Dagen (The kickoff event of all NESU boards at the beginning of the year), summer cottage which is open for everyone, and twice a year the Case Competition. The idea of a Case Competition is to spend a day together working on a case given by some company in groups. The best group will be rewarded, but even participating in the event helps you learn many valuable skills for working life and you network with other people in your industry.

The NESU subcommittee of Lappeenranta, NESU-Enklaavi, consist of 6-9 persons and all the members of Enklaavi can apply. The application time for the subcommittee is simultaneously with the application to the board of Enklaavi.

Why NESU-Enklaavi’s events and activities?

Sits in the other cities – why not?


Nothing compares to the feeling of wearing overalls coloured by all NESU-cities and having connections to business students who share the same spirit. Creating these connections is fun and let alone useful for example when finding a place to stay in the midst of a spontaneous trip. Each and every event is individual and special, and you are sure to catch up with your old friends and to meet new acquaintances. Don’t hesitate to participate in our activity by attending events back to back all over Finland and you can also travel to other countries for example Estonia or Iceland!

Contact us!

Please subscribe to our email account to hear more from us or contact directly to nesu(at)

You’ll also find more information about us by liking our Facebook. We are also in Instagram with the user nesu_enklaavi.

The main purpose of NESU is to make it possible for students from different cities and countries to build networks. There’s no reason for why you shouldn’t go to attend a NESU event in some other city. Every trip offers you a chance to meet new wonderful people and you don’t have to worry about anything but how you make it to the right city, because the accommodation will be hosted by the arranging people. If you’re scared to go only by yourself to an event in some other city, please contact someone from our NESU Board or send an email to nesu(at) and we try to arrange you some company (probably someone of us is going to that event). For example NESU-Probba and NESU Tallinn arrange sits-parties in English, so lack of skills in Finnish isn’t a reason for skipping a great trip!

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The easiest way to receive information about upcoming events is to enroll yourself to our email list, so that you’ll receive invitations to every sits party held in Finland. The enrolling happens by sending an empty email to with title “SUBSCRIBE enklaavi_nesu”. An useful tool is also the NESU Calendar, which you can find from and under the title “Calendar”. Every event held by NESU can be seen there, so you can mark up those dates into your own calendar.

We can recommend warmly that as many of you as possible would come with us to make trips around Finland and represent Enklaavi. Even if you don’t have any company, you will get many wonderful experiences. We guarantee that you won’t have to return home disappointed after your first trip. NESU is the time of our lives!

NESU-Enklaavi 2022

Anu Kyösti

Chair of NESU

Mikko Niskanen


Elmeri Frantti


Sanni Makkonen


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Muusa Makkonen

Corporate relations

Helmi Haakana

Sitsit representative

Timo Numminen