Coorporate Relations Committee

Over the years corporate relations activity has changed into multifunctional society where companies and our student association meet each other. Enklaavi does coorperation with many different companies and the strategy is to bring the activity even more forward.

The cornerstone of the committee can be considered as goal-oriented, tailor-made and a long-term action, which creates a variety of relationships with the business community both nationally and locally. The aim is to find a mutually beneficial forms of cooperation which represents the culmination of reciprocity and continuity. At its best, it produces mutual interest and multi-year co-operation. The aim is to continuously develop and renew existing business relationships and explore new opportunities.

Corporation Relations Committee makes meaningful work together with the companies and plays a key role in developing public relations. The committee consists of sales oriented and passionate students. Team members receive comprehensive experienvce in sales, marketing and communications as well as lots of valuable contacts for the future. Practical responsibilities include for example contacting and negotiations with the companies, organizing a variety of events and member benefits, sale of the annual celebration of packets and sponsorships for overalls as well as imporiving the visibility and image of Enklaavi.

Coorporate Relations Committee 2022

Eetu Enkovaara

Atte Enkola

Emma Korhonen

Hemmo Rask

Kalle Uusivirta