Enklaavi has currently six committees which play key role in organizing student union’s activities together with the board of Enklaavi. Committee members make the student life more enjoyable and intersting for Enklaavi’s member. Task and responsibilities vary by committees but in natural the aim in all of the committees is to enable a more diverse and higher-quality activities for our members.

Committee elections will be held at the beginning of the year every year. All the the members of Enklaavi are qualified to apply the committees. Joining in committee is a great way to get involved with life on campus!

If you have any questions on applying into the committees, please contact the Chairman of Enklaavi, pj(at)

Members of Committees 2018

Enklaavi has chosen the members of committees for the year of 2018. Enklaavi received great deal of applications. The process of selecting the members was based on the applications which all applicants formed for each committee leader. Thank you all for the applicants and we wish the best for all chosen ones! Below you can see the chosen applicants for each committee.

Corporate committee

Markus Raito

Justus Nyström

Santeri Lipsunen

Project committee

                                           Ellen Vinkvist              Lotta Salin

Erica Haranen           Matilda Frisk

Iina Seppälä              Sandra Kurki

Academic relations committee

Markus Raito

Sport committee

Elmeri Helme

Essi Kukkonen

Annual ball committee

Heidi Hallikainen

Jannika Hyrkäs

Lisa From

Vilhelmiina Moilanen

Vishal Sood

Media committee

Anniina Pasi                                              Liisa Klami

Aino Laineenoja                                        Nora Aapro

Elmeri Helme                                        Maria Häärä

Joel Kaskela                                         Mikaela Sarkola

                                                                                            Veera Marttinen