Board of 2023

Board of Enklaavi runs the student association’s activities as well as provides social, intellectual, and cultural opportunities that respond to the needs and wants of the members of Enklaavi in the most efficient manner possible. Board members plan and implement a welcoming environment that allows students to feel at home and express their induviality

Tino Hakanen


Email: pj(at)
Tel.: 044 262 6317f

As the chairman, I lead all of our board meetings and am the head of our board. I am aware of all of Enklaavi’s affairs, be it financial, corporate relations or academic and international affairs. I also represent Enklaavi and keep in touch with our stakeholders and other organizations (Kylteripuheenjohtajien verkosto, KPV, Suomen Ekonomit, Etelä-Karjalan Ekonomit, Lahden Ekonomit, LUT School of Business and Management, Kiltaneuvosto). I am responsible for overseeing that our board’s work alines with our longtime strategy for Enklaavi.

Jimi Takala


Email: vpj(at)
Tel.: 044 994 0074

As the vice-chairman my duties include contacting our alumni and keeping up with our local Ekonomit organization. The position also includes active participation in various meetings with the students association as well as deputing and assisting chairman of the board. The vice-chairman also takes care of the mentoring project together with ''Kylli'' Kylteriyhdyshenkilö.

Heidi Myllymäki


Email: viestinta(at)
Tel.: 040 418 2348

The Communications representative’s tasks are to keep Enklaavi’s website and social media up to date and to also send out weekly news blasts informing the members of Enklaavi of upcoming events and announcements concerning e.g. job offers or internships. I inform Enklaavi’s members of our stakeholders events, and vice versa. I also work as our secretary and take minutes in all of our meetings.

Henri Hoskonen


Email: talous(at)
Tel.: 040 739 7001

The responsibilities of the Treasurer are to take care of Enklaavi's daily money transactions, billing, accounting and drawing up a financial statement after the accounting period. The Treasurer’s duties also include implementing Enklaavi’s investment strategy and forming a new Investment Committee for the year and working as the head of the Committee.

Sakari Lehtonen

Sakari Lehtonen

Corporate Relations

Email: yritys(at)
Tel.: 044 502 2241

The responsibilities of the Business Relations Representative is to maintain and create new partnerships with companies. The position includes communication between our partner companies and student members, organizing various events with companies (e.g. excursions and case-events) as well as forming and managing a business relations team and providing sponsorships for Enklaavi's events.

Heikki Helppi

Academic and international Affairs

Email: opinto(at)
Tel.: 040 446 4912

The Academic and International Affairs representative's duty is to be the link between our students and the heads of our School and of our Degree Programme, with whom we discuss current issues that affect the students. The position includes collecting course feedback with the help of the Academic Committee, organizing an international excursion and constantly communicating with Enklaavi's foreign students.

Hanna Veteli


Email: projekti(at)
Tel.: 045 297 3354

The Project Manager organizes the events of Enklaavi with the help of the Project Committee during the year. The position also includes communicating with other Business Schools' Project Managers and organizing excursions to other cities in Finland.

Timo Numminen


Email: kyylef(at)
Tel.: 045 277 0837

The Editor-In-Chief 's most important task is to design and manage Enlaavi's magazine ''Kyylef''. The position also includes graphic design and event marketing for Enklaavis events with the help of the Media Committee.

Emma Pekkala

Party manager

Email: vuosijuhlat(at)
Tel.: 045 840 9066

The Hostess and Host organize the Annual Ball with help of the Annual Ball Committee. Their duty is also to organize the traditional sauna events together with Hostess' and Host's from other guilds in Lappeenranta Univeristy of Techonology. The position also includes overall catering at Enklaavi's events.

Aino Bordi

Party manager, harassment contact person

Email: vuosijuhlat(at)
Tel.: 040 847 0968

Party managers organize the Annual Ball with help of Annual Ball Committee. Their duty is also to organize the traditional sauna events together with other Hostess' and Host's in Lappeenranta Univeristy of Techonology. The position includes also overall catering at the events of Enklaavi.

Juho Karén

Freshmen and Sports,harassment contact person, first aid responsive

Email: fuksivastaava(at)
Tel.: 050 590 4115

The responsibilities of the freshman and sport representative are making freshmen feel welcomed and familiarizing them with Enklaavi's customs and university life in general. As the sport representative I and the sport committee arrange different sport events.