We welcome all the members of Enklaavi to our guildroom!

Enklaavi’s guild room is a lounge area for the members of Enklaavi, where students can spend their time and meet other students. The guild room is a place to hang around and relax between your studies during the day. The guild room has lots of different activities, for example kitchen for cooking, games and magazines – everything for everyone!

The guild room is situated at the second floor of the student union house ”Ylioppilastalo”.















The rules of guildroom

1 § Clean your mess.

2 § Clean your friend’s mess.

3 § Do not sleep at the guild room.

4 § If you break something, you are responsible for that.

5 § Do not drink alcohol at the guild room.

6 § When drinking coffee or tea, bring your own mug.

7 § The guild room is not storage: Goods that do not belong in the guild room, will be disposed in regular basis.

8 §  The guild room is only for the members of Enklaavi.

9 § Consider the other users of the guild room.